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Test Your Insurance IQ: Auto Insurance
How much do you really know about auto insurance? What does "premium" and "deductible" mean? What is "comprehensive" coverage for? Test your knowledge by watching this video. 

What you don't know can harm you.

The results of a recent survey commissioned by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, shows most U.S. citizens don't know a lot about insurance.

In fact, 1,000 adults surveyed had an average of four correct answers on a 10 question quiz designed to find the nation's insurance IQ. The NAIC noted that the 40% final result a solid 'F' by many educational grading standards."

What did most people not know? Only 41% knew that a rental car is not automatically covered by an automobile policy. Only 19% knew that the need for private mortgage insurance on a newly purchased house depends on down payment  made and the lending company; almost 30% thought the it was required by law.
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