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Saving Money on Auto Insurance - Five Tips 
Saving Money on Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is a necessity, but it doesn't have to cost a fortune. Here are five simple ways to get the best deal and still properly protect yourself. Used with permission of

take an hour or more to review your policy for potential savings and, if you're tired of the high insurance rates you are paying your current insurer, look around for a new company.

The Internet provides competition between car insurers. It is way more easy for motorists to find low insurance prices, analyze coverage and compare rates.  Studies show that people tend to stay with the same insurance company for years. Why not prove the studies wrong? Put the internet to work for you and save your money.

You can save on auto insurance in five ways:
Make sure you receive the discounts you qualify for 
Have a clean driver's record and keep it up-to-date 
Adjust your policy to assume more risk 
Have a "low profile" car equipped with money-saving safety features 
Look around to find a good, low cost insurance provider

Discounts you might qualify for:
Low-risk occupations 
Professional organizations 
Combined coverage 
Discounts for safety features 
More risk assumed by driver 
Discounts for senior citizens
Used with permission of

Saving Money - Five Tips