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Road Rage 

Increasingly crowded highways and traffic backups cause many drivers to lose control and become extremely aggressive.

If you encounter aggressive drivers, don’t challenge them, and stay as far away as possible. You may want to take down the license plate number and report their behavior to police so they won’t hurt themselves or someone else.   

Did you never have a bad day and just didn't feel like yourself? Then, some inconsiderate driver makes you angry on your   way home.  This is a perfect example how road rage happens, most motorists have experienced it. The big difference between you and a road rager is how you handle these feelings. 

For your own protection you have to get control of your emotions. The last thing you want is to meet someone who is as angry as you, or maybe more enraged. This could most assuredly cause a confrontation that may cause an exchange of gestures, dangerous driving and physical violence. If you are angry at another driver while driving - Try hard to calm down. 

Should you become a victim of road rage you must protect yourself, don't make eye contact with the angry driver, this could increase his/her level of rage. The best advice is to get away as quickly as you can, and choose another route to your destination. It may be necessary to pull over and cool down before you continue on your way.

If an enraged motorist tries to chase you, the level of violence will likely increase. Don't drive home. Drive straight to the nearest police station to file a complaint/report.

Do not endanger your life by trying to outrun a road rager. Drive the speed limit and observe all traffic rules.


1.  Be respectful when driving. Treat other motorists the same way you would like to be treated.

2.  Lower your driving stress by allotting sufficient time to get you to your destination. Try to find out the roads that are under construction and get the weather forecasts that may cause traffic delays. Practice patience and keep your cool.

3.  You can't control the motorists you encounter on the roads, but you definitely have control of the way they affect you.  The best advice is be calm and drive safely.
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Road Rage