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Replacement Auto Parts 
Replacement Auto Parts

Generic replacement auto parts can look and perform the same as the products produced by the original auto companies, but cost 25-40 percent less. These parts can help the consumer by keeping prices down.

You just got your car back from the auto repair shop after an accident and you see that it looks almost brand new.  And was paid by the deductible required by your car insurance policy.

Look below the shiny surface, however, and other concerns may arise. You may wonder if the parts used in the repairs were made by your original automobile manufacturer or a manufacturer that produces generic parts, alled "aftermarket" parts.

To some, this aftermarket industry may operate outside the restrictions of strict government regulation and may put drivers at risk when substandard parts are used in car repairs.

Others say aftermarket parts are just as safe as original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and helps motorists by competing with the automakers, which keeps repair costs down and reduces car insurance rates.

The case for aftermarket auto parts:  "Nobody wants to sell or install an inferior part because businesses don't want people to come back with complaints," says Rich White, senior vice president of marketing for the Automobile Aftermarket Industry Association.

White challenges critics to present scientific evidence proving aftermarket parts have led to increased car accident rates.

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Replacement Auto Parts