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Rental Car Insurance: 
What You Need to Know at the Counter 
Rental Car Insurance Tips
Rental car insurance can be confusing and frustrating. Learn what you need to do before you visit a rental car office.
Car rental companies will try to sell you insurance coverage for their rental car, usually a per-day rate that provides coverage for all damage to the vehicle that might occur while you are in your possession.

Rental car company insurance coverage is a good idea if you do not have rental car coverage on your own  car policy; but even if you, you should consider the extra coverage anyway. There is one good reason for this: The rental car company could require payment for damages up front while you have to wait for reimbursement from your insurance company. It could be a large out-of-pocket expense if there is serious damage, or if the car is stolen and you have to replace it.

Each driver must decide whether to rely on their own insurance or spend the extra money on more coverage. For many people, insurance on their own policy will suffice and provide peace of mind that even if there is an up-front cost, they will not be left holding the bag if the rental car gets damaged or stolen.

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Rental Car Insurance