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Health Insurance Quotes

Types of individual health plans

Health plans must cover certain benefits, but they vary in how they are structured and the amount of your health care costs they will pay.

To make comparing health care plans easier, they are divided into five categories. they are based on the health care cost percentage the plans pay and the amount you have to pay, which includes the deductible, copayments and coinsurance. The percentages are estimated based on the amount of medical health care an average person would use in a year. 
The categories are:
Catastrophic - These plans generally have high deductibles and pay less than 60 percent of your health costs. People under 30 years of age or people who are in a financial hardship situation can purchase a catastrophic plan.
Bronze - Plan pays 60 percent of your health care costs. You pay 40 percent.
Silver - Plan pays 70 percent of your health care costs. You pay 30 percent.
Gold - Plan pays 80 percent of your health care costs. You pay 20 percent.
Platinum - Plan pays 90 percent of your health care costs. You pay 10 percent.

Generally, the less you pay for the deductible, copayments and co-insurance, the more you will have to pay in premiums for the coverage.

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