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Our car insurance rates comparison service, brings Pennsylvania consumers and insurance companies together in one place. Price quotes are available for all Pennsylvania cities for liability, collision, comprehensive and all other coverage requirements.      
Under Pennsylvania's auto insurance laws, driver must carry liability insurance on all registered vehicles.  In addition, motorists must carry personal injury protection coverage that will cover medical and funeral expenses in the event of an accident.  Pennsylvania's minimum coverage requirement for bodily injuries for one person in one accident is $15,000.  For all bodily injuries in one accident, the minimum coverage amount required is $30,000.  Property damage must be covered by a minimum of $5,000 in liability insurance.  

Some drivers may choose to meet Pennsylvania's auto insurance requirements by becoming self-insured.  An application for self-insurance must be filed with the state and drivers who choose this option must submit a current balance sheet and income statement. 
A master self-insurance and security agreement must also be completed.  Drivers who choose self-insurance must also make a security deposit of $50,000 for one vehicle, which is funded by cash, T-balls, and other types of collateral.

Pennsylvania operates under the no-fault system of assigning financial responsibility after an accident.  This means that insurance companies must pay the expenses of covered drivers without regard for who was at fault in the accident.  This system helps to cut down on insurance fraud in Pennsylvania and other states that are considered no-fault states.

Auto insurance comparison is the key to finding the best Pennsylvania car insurance rates and we can help get free quotes online to compare many of the auto insurance companies who provide coverage in Pennsylvania.

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