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Home Insurance Quotes

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

When you purchase home insurance coverage, your house and possessions are protected against damage or loss from events like storm damage, theft, fire, frozen pipes, and many more.  Liability coverage is also provided which protects you for injuries sustained by other persons on your property.

What is covered by a standard 
home insurance policy?

• Physical Structures: If a house or other structure on your property are damaged, or determined to be a total loss, repairs or replacements are covered.

• Personal Belongings: Damaged or total loss personal possessions, like furniture, clothing, and appliances will be repaired or replaced.

• Liability: If someone else sustains an accidental injury or their property is damaged while on your premises, any claims against you will be defended and they will be paid up to your policy limits. Also reasonable and necessary medical expenses will be paid, up to the limit you purchased, no matter who was at fault.

• Additional Living Expenses: If you have covered lossWe'll cover your additional expenses if, due to a covered loss, and you need to live elsewhere while repairs are being made to your home, these additional expenses are covered.

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